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The most innovative woodworing centre in west pomerania

Carpentry centre for the production of roof trusses and any wooden constructions
– 5 axis centre with wide range of possibilities in woodworking

Woodworking technology

CNC technology

In view of increasing world globalization of market economy, practically all areas of production are constantly under the influence of rationalizing pressure aimed at achieving ever better creations in an ever shorter time.

When it comes to the construction of machinery and equipment, the need to make modifications to existing process chains stems from the desire to obtain favorable technical and economic effects in competitive production conditions.

To make woodworking more efficient whilst at the same time meeting size and shape accuracy (low tolerance levels) as well as surface quality (low surface roughness), it’s essential to develop the woodworking machines in terms of construction, but also the control systems. CNC woodworking allows to produce often very complex shapes in a fast, precise and highly repetitive way.  A typical process of computerized production of an object includes stages such as: computer aided programming (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and CNC (the actual processing).

Maszyna CNC

Maszyna CNC

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